Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Julien Fournie Fashion For Spring/Summer

Julien Fournié is inspired by kinetic art and the works of its masters in the 1960s. The new “permanent member” of the restricted circle of Haute Couture is pacing his collection with a dialogue between 2D and 3D with semi-geometrical, semi-physiological shapes. He is using them both in garment architecture and in graphic embellishments.

This rythmic celebration of movement captures the body like a sculpture in motion, with pure volumes and elaborate cuts. Julien Fournié induces in his repertoire an increased freedom for the body. Hemlines are shortened, more skin is revealed in a collection which often uncovers the shoulders, sculpts the bust and stretches legs. The contrasting color palette lets lime, optic white, orange, fuchsia and menthol side by side in the house’s exclusive prints and jacquards.
Lace in optical white or absolute black wrap a new dimension and depth around the prints in the House’s proposals for luxury ready-to-wear.
A black lacquered tweed reinterprets the skirt suit.
Silver lamé appears in a night blue weave to take the jeans look into the ultra-luxury dimension.
The ultra-fitted shorts put the highlight the legs,
The “kite” blouses play on various volumes.
jersey is used as a favorite material for the architectural ensembles to infuse the silhouettes with geometry.

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