Monday, 9 January 2017

Must Try Nail Polish!--Jin Soon

Inspired by magenta in Fauvist paintings (the first non-traditional color ever employed in Fauvist art), it is bold, arousing, and beyond pretty.

blue-purple) A moody blue-purple that is both melancholy and hip. This shade has the makings of a cult favorite.

A deep wine that’s provocative and elegant. “I’ve used this color on numerous couture campaigns and editorial shoots since it’s dramatic,” says Jin.

Beautiful iridescent fuchsia from the pink color of the costume for Tosca. By adding a subtle shimmer, more dimension, sophistication, and expression are provided.

A classic deep blue that never goes out of style, this shade is enhanced with galaxy-like specs that provide a subtle star dust quality.

(Soft sheer pink): a subtle, delicate pink, translucent and wispy

A deep electric blue which captures the essence of the blue iris flower - strong, bold, and amazingly brilliant. Blue Iris was named by model Saskia de Brauw, known for her distinctive androgynous look.

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