Wednesday, 18 January 2017

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Valentine Pick!

Moonlight and the Sea. A crescent moon –  Yemanja’s symbol and the link between the depths of the ocean and outer space. The subtle colours of the diamonds, moonstone, lavender chalcedony and blue lace agate in soft polished cabochon shapes, artfully portray the colours of the sea water and moonlight.

  • 18k White Gold approx. 14.10gr
  • 58 Diamonds 0.50ct
  • 18 Moonstones 4.37ct
  • 2 Blue Lace Agates 1.80ct
  • 2 Lavender Chalcedonies 1ct
  • Height 40mm, Width 36mm
  • O-LN-EAR-18W-DCS
  • Yemanja Larimar Pendant With Chain

The muses of the Oseanyx collection is the goddess of Yemanja. Originating from the Yoruba people of Nigeria, she is celebrated in Brazil and South America as the Queen of the Ocean and Mother of all living things. Venyx dedicates 2 pendants and 2 cocktail rings to this muse. They are set with Larimar, a rare stone that echoes the vivid blues of tropical sea water only found in the Dominican Republic.
  • 18k White Gold approx. 17gr
  • 12 Diamonds 0.12ct
  • 1 Larimar 60.70ct
  • Height 39mm, Width 37mm
  • O-YE-PND-18W-DCS

Parrot Star Fish Ring

Parrot Star Fish story was inspired by the tail shape of the parrot fish and was then embellished with diamonds or carved stones. The curvature of the fish tail also resembles that of a stylised crescent moon re-interpreted with a tribal twist.
  • 18k Yellow Gold approx. 9gr
  • 42 Diamonds 0.55ct
  • Height 27mm, Width 18mm
  • O-PF-RNG-18Y-D

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