Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Addy Van Den krommenacker.-Mater Of Lxry

Addy grew pronounced feminine creations from a favorite designer of many famous personalities from the political, diplomatic, television and theater.Stars sparkled frequently on the red carpet in creations by the designer. He scored big with unforgettable wedding dresses for Chantal Janzen, Hilda van Gaal, Leontien van Nistelrooij, Marianne Timmer and Bettina Bakkum-Holwerda and many others. Members of the royal family find their way to the couture business of Addy van den Krommenacker. 
For the wedding of Princess Carolina de Bourbon de Parme Van den Krommenacker designed her special wedding dress, which he was allowed to use part of the original gown from 1965 of her mother, Princess Irene. Van den Krommenacker a high point in his life. For years to see Addie's creations royal heyday as Queen's and King's presence. For the day of the inauguration of King Willem-Alexander, a day in the history goes, the princesses Irene, Margriet, Margarita, Aimée and Annette wore his creations.

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