Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Dramatique Collection-Lenie Boya

All fully 3D embroidered.
A luxury womenswear label, LENIE BOYA designs and creates the most superlative, natural and feminine apparel in its category with class leading appeal and accessibility. Inviting duality of classic chic and avant-garde with a perfect fusion of the naturally elegant and bold for the fascinating, cosmopolitan and powerful woman, LENIE BOYA reflects the quintessential essence of an independent lifestyle through unique design and detailed elegance.

Strong structure, complicated cuts, three dimensional fabric manipulations, geometric shapes and the interplay between symmetry and asymmetry are recurring features.
Always with an eye on the future, LENIE BOYA apparel exudes quality and individuality in both design and fabrics.
Not for the timid? Perhaps; but always wearable, comfortable and elegant.

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