Wednesday, 8 February 2017


Bottles pop, glasses clink and voices cheer. A symphony of festive noise ascends. She hits the stairs. Carried by waves of sound she’s drifting up. The steps taken grow tall behind, until her foot lands on the wooden attic floor. A safe haven where memories and dreams revive, imagination takes flight.

JANTAMINIAU hits a nostalgic note in this day-to-eve couture collection. Leaves of gold and blue swirl up and down the attic floor. Shift dresses of crisp embroidered tulle collide with softening suits of novelty knits.
The night is warmed by coats of wool and tie-dyed velvet. Dip-dyed silks swing by in pleated skirts and airy blouses. The feeble insect is magnified to display a dreamy array of hand-embroidered dessins.
It’s a colorful narrative about imagination running high.

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