Thursday, 9 February 2017


JANTAMINIAU showed his latest couture collection ‘Robotic Nature’ in the Spanish capital to an international group of private clients.A forestall passage was constructed on the catwalk in the midst of a classical suite full of contemporary art; a wonderful setting for a unique and intimate show.

The models held their number of appearance in hand, while Jan Taminiau commented on the garments.
The latter has become the custom at JANTAMINIAU’s couture shows.

Jan Taminiau about his show:
“I very much enjoyed to showing in Madrid today. It is wonderful to present my crea­tions each time at a different location, wherever my new clients appear. The roots of this collection were found in Madrid. I was driving through a residential area when I passed by an oasis of green. At the end of the passage was a large, stylized brick villa. It was painted in shades of green accentuated with white lines. I felt attracted by the sense of alienation in this setting. The way the colossal mansion coexisted in harmony with its surrounding nature.
My imagination was triggered. The house became a forceful individual, a robot asleep in a bed of green. A robot that opened its hidden heart to me, in understanding of the past yet not afraid to embrace the future.
This is reflected in my collection by contradictions. Graphic versus organic lines, matte textures versus shiny, soft shoulders and wearability versus utmost attention to detail.
Celebrating individuality is at the core of each of my collections. The bravery to celebrate contrasts, the fact that there is always more than meets the eye. This is why I dearly love to express myself in couture.”

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