Thursday, 2 March 2017

Whats New In k Jacques!!!

 The apparent simplicity of the sandals masks the high level of skill required in their production.
Each pair of sandals requires approximately an hour of labor.
Assembly of the sandals involves 46 different steps carried out by the hands of our 28 craftsmen.
123 different elements are assembled for the more complex designs.
60 nails are utilized.
The sole is made of thick leather. The K. Jacques fashion house keeps a watchful eye on the thickness of the leather. Over the years, K. Jacques has developed a close relationship with its leather suppliers to ensure the quality and the exclusive characteristics of the K. Jacques sole. The sole is comprised of two layers. The layer which comes in contact with the foot is stitched with linen thread, chosen for its robustness and imported from Ireland. The top layer of the sole is then branded with “K. Jacques, St. Tropez, while the bottom layer is branded with “Created and manufactured in St. Tropez”.
The straps are made of soft leather selected especially by our suppliers to ensure K. Jacques’ high standard of quality. Our workshop maintains over 250 types of leather, differing in color, thickness and origin: calfskin, goat skin, python, alligator and much more. The fine leather straps are reinforced with a high quality lining.
The heel is made of natural Hevea rubber, providing grip.
The final step in production is manual polishing of the sandals which gives them their glazed finish and softens the rough edges of the soles.

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