Monday, 3 April 2017

Sandra Mansour--Classy SS17

Sandra Mansour soaked the elegance and beauty of the Swiss culture, and yet she possesses the fierce and passionate heart represented in her Lebanese roots and heritage.

   Her studies began in Business Management at Webster University in Geneva. Upon completion of her Bachelors degree, Sandra continued her studies at Beaux Arts, Geneva, where she entered a world she was comfortable in. A world of colors, movements and creativity – “I found myself in a world of beauty, where everyone was speaking the same language. The language of Art” 
   Having had this life changing experience, Sandra returned to Lebanon where she worked side by side with Elie Saab in which she received first-hand experience with fabrics, textiles, embroidery, prints and cuts. 
   “It was a real revelation for me. I could finally mix drawing and creating, give life to the matter. I played around with it by mixing embroidery, prints and multiple textiles. I found my very own alphabet”

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