Sunday, 2 April 2017


 Hailing from the sunny beaches of Sydney Australia, From St Xavier is a fashion forward jewellery and handbag label with a social conscious. Inspired by Sydney’s unique mix of beachy bohemian vibes and subtle relaxed glamour, From St Xavier blends semi-precious stones, natural metals, hand beading and other premium materials into a stunningly eclectic range of accessories.

With an innate sense of ethics found at the core of From St Xavier, highly skilled craftsmen and woman from the north of India are employed under strict industry standards to produce the jewellery, whilst the intricate hand beading and embroidery is outsourced to communities, providing employment and empowering almost 500 rural women.
The handcrafted process of production means each From St Xavier piece will differ slightly in appearance, making it a truly unique ‘one of a kind’ collectable.

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