Friday, 21 April 2017

The Best Of Vera Wang Fragrance

The Vera Wang Princess of Hearts fragrance features a bright, fresh exuberance and whimsical warmth that makes it unexpected, addictive and full of love. Celebrate life and love every day with this fruity and floral scent from Vera Wang.

Forever Vera evokes a certain sensuality. The intimacy and the beauty that many women have in their lives is something they should hold onto, forever.

Be Jeweled is about attitude and a certain sense of glamour, fun, self-expression, feeling ready and spirited and happy… ready to take on the world.

Choosing a fragrance for a man is among the most intimate of gestures. Deeply provocative, a man’s scent embraces and seduces you whenever he draws you close. The fragrance becomes him – and whenever you breathe it in, it will unlock memories and desires.

Lovestruck is about the emotion and rush you feel when you are falling in love and going for it…those heart-pounding moments of spontaneity.

Fragrance provokes the senses and conjures up memories in inexplicable ways. The significance of a fragrance that captures all of the emotion, dignity and joy of a wedding is immeasurable. Incredibly intimate yet subtle, a bride’s fragrance remains with her long after the ceremony is over.

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