Monday, 10 April 2017

Who Wants A Colorful Spring/Summer--Mary Katrantzou

 New Classical. For Spring/Summer 2017 Mary Katrantzou looked introspectively to Greece, the country of her birth. Exploring its rich history, mythology and culture, she dug deep into her own work. This collection is an archaeological exploration, unearthing the classics of Katrantzou.

The ancient civilisation of the Minoans gave initial inspiration. Their culture, as we experience it through their artefacts, is dominated by the female. Feminine deities proliferated, women priests officiated; taking centre stage on Minoan frescos, intricately fashioned and decorated. The earliest European civilisation made the earliest fashion statement and Katrantzou reinforces this within the collection.
Katrantzou combines the ancient with the hyper-modern, fusing classicism with futurism and sixties art. Ancient artefacts are warped through op-art designs, mapped across the topography of the body to create new focal points and emphasis. Thucydides and Clytemnestra on acid.
The Minoans surrender inspiration from their frescos, the specific giving way to more abstract interpretations of the “Greco”. Mycenaean pottery patterns are used to decorate garments, the instantly-identifiable Greek key meander borders garments. The fitted silhouette mirrors Minoan dress, but also curvaceous amphora vases, streamlined and made modern.

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