Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Timeless Bags--Bottega Veneta

The City Knot, the Umbria and the Flower Knot, part of an exclusive limited edition collection introduced for Bottega Veneta's 50th Anniversary, reflect the house's talent for creating modern designs with a timeless aesthetic.

Our timeless Intrecciato Nappa leather is the perfect canvas for the season's new colors. Denim blue and Glycine violet meet Desert rose pink.

Based on an archival design, reintroduced in 2001, the Knot is a masterpiece of design and artisanal craftsmanship. Each interpretation reconfirms the irresistible beauty and timeless charm of this iconic bag

Weaving through the whimsical shades of China red and Fume, the season's singular color palette presents vibrant and neutral hues to gently embrace timeless shapes in the signature intrecciato motif.
The Sunshine workmanship creates an elegant play of colors and textures on the collection's bags.
The tonal combination of smooth and intr CCI to leather is enriched with multicolor embroidered stripes for a tactile shaded effect.

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