Sunday, 4 June 2017


 My Spring 2017 Resort Collection is all about vintage silhouettes – in a snappy 1940’s mood. Think Christian Bérard illustrations and Elsa Schiaparelli day dresses! I mixed in a textured plaid gauze to give the whole thing a Grunge feel – alluding to the way kids in the 90s would wear plaid flannel shirts over their flea market frocks!

As is my wont, the collection is in full bloom with retro floral prints – fields, garden beds and bouquets; of sunshine yellow, coral red, cornflower blue, green clover and deep purple - on black or navy grounds. Daisies, pansies, dandelions, zinnias, impatiens and roses, roses, roses. There are song birds in nests or in-flight, stars and clouds, and two versions of trompe-l'œil ruffles – in nutmeg, gold, rouge, rust, maroon, aubergine, lavender, orchid, moss, cornflower, indigo and teal.

There is a profusion of feminine lingerie detailing: pin tucking, pleating, smocking, cascades of ruffling, flouncing, ruching and apron effects. There are draped bodices, 1930’s paneling, wrap-and- tie effects, puffed sleeves and flared godets.I feature sundresses, party dresses, slip dresses, house dresses and bib overall dresses. There are jumpsuits, pajama pants, tap pants, Victorian blouses, lingerie tops, short kimonos, pea coats, varsity jackets, skinny scarfs, black-eyed Suzanne belts – and an adorable James Coviello cardigan featuring iconic Anna Sui hand-mirrors, pocketbooks and nail polish bottle embroidered patches!

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