Tuesday, 13 June 2017

SPRING 2018 MENSWEAR --Dunhill

 CEO Andrew Maag and creative director Mark Weston (both formerly of Burberry are really doing a good job.Dunhill’s portrays contemporary unique outfits with an olive sateen field jacket, a black suede blouson, and a black quilted commuter jacket that any young-and-thrusting London banker (should any remain) will want to wear on the Jubilee line. Both Weston and Maag separately pointed to one piece in particular as they sketched their Dunhill manifesto:

It was a reversible bomber shown with a Fox Brothers boating stripe worn outside, but which could be flipped to a more contemporary khaki synthetic. Weston said, “The trap you can fall into is when you start to become too nostalgic. So here, for me, it’s not about having a club blazer with a crest on it, but something like this, which is more relevant.” 

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