Friday, 3 August 2018

Resort 19 at Verandah

Resort 19 at Verandah is quite simply my humble attempt to portray emotion, the comfort and respect for home and the preservation of all things vintage at Asian Court into fashion.
The humble frangipani tree, also known as the ‘Champa’ in India holds a special place in this collection as does the Passionflower or “Krishna Kamal’, Pomogrante, Tiger Orchids Adenium, Kumquats, Fragrant creepers or ‘Raat Rani’s’ and Halcyconia’s – all planted by three generations of Patels. The Champa tree, an unusually large pink variety was planted by my grandmother, the late Kantaben Patel and it proudly stands as the tallest one in Bombay over three storeys tall, unusual for a tree of that nature. Most of the flora that blooms in the spring has been cared for and planted by my mother, Indira 75 this year. The halyconias that feature in our tropical print was a plant cutting gifted by a boutique hotel owner and hand carried by me to Bombay over 10 years ago.
A family of dancing peacocks, which still visits us in the monsoon, the occasional snake, an owl which was rescued and cared for by my parents, birds which build their nests in plants on our terrace, and our family of dogs are some of the colourful inhabitants of Asian Court.
Mosaic plays a central role in our collection, with various motifs that dot the floors of the rooms in intricate patterns. Furniture, vessels, doorways and the use of the old to live in the new. My parents 50-year-old red vintage car, finds a home here too. Our swing room or ‘Ichka’ room houses an over century-old teak swing used as a coolant in the summers even before the advent of the fan.
Relaxed, chic and luxurious with a new exploration is fabric this season, our design remains true, ultrasoft and sustainable across our parameters of design and social responsibility.

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