Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Brooks Brothers launches collection for the White House Historical Association

America's oldest retail brand Brooks Brothers has collaborated with the White House Historical Association on an accessories collection.

Dubbed the 'Presidential Collection', it features the Truman Presidential Seal and includes red, blue and navy ties; a red double-sided bow tie; a blue double-sided bow tie; and navy bow tie, along with a multicolored pocket square.

All items are 100 percent silk and manufactured in the U.S.

The Truman Presidential Seal was established in 1945 when President Harry S. Truman issued an Executive Order, which officially defined the Presidential Coat of Arms and Seal for the first time. An eagle's head, which originally faced right toward a bundle of thirteen arrows held in its talons, was turned to face left toward the olive branch it held, symbolizing peace.

Items in the collection will vary from $55-$89.50 and are now available online through the association’s web site or the White House History Shop and White House Visitor Center in Washington, D.C.

The White House Historical Association said the partnership with Brooks Brothers would carry on with additional exclusive collections set to launch later this year. 

Established in 1818, Brooks Brothers has dressed forty American Presidents since its founding. Given its unique history, the partnership is rather fitting.

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