Saturday, 1 February 2020

Claudie Pierlot drops capsule collection co-designed with Andrea Crews

Until now, French womenswear label Claudie Pierlot relied on a preppy Parisian-chic style, rarely deviating from it, with the exception perhaps of a collaboration with artist Juliette Armanet in 2018, and another with classic sailing-inspired label Saint James in 2015. In 2020 however, Claudie Pierlot needs to energize its style, as its owner, SMCP, made clear at the publication of its latest results. And the French label is off to a good start with the capsule collection co-designed with Andrea Crews.

Vanessa Pierrat, creative director of Claudie Pierlot, has teamed up with Maroussia Rebecq, the designer behind Parisian label Andrea Crews, to produce a surprising new version of Claudie Pierlot’s style lexicon.

The result is a limited-edition collection that will be available at select Claudie Pierlot stores from March 11. The collection applies Andrea Crews’ flair for deconstruction to the Claudie Pierlot wardrobe, infusing it with cheeky streetwear references.

The new collection consists of six visually striking looks: an asymmetric denim dress, an embroidered shorts and jacket set whose topstitching is a nod to denim apparel, a pair of flared jeans, and a poplin cotton blouse in a contemporary cut. The looks are completed by a silvery belt bag in a pineapple-derived vegan material that's an alternative to leather.

The collection follows the lead of Andrea Crews in its use of sustainable materials, such as bio denim and cotton fabrics produced with minimal water usage.

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