Friday, 21 February 2020

Dua Lipa x Pepe Jeans, a €6m+ collaboration

Then Pepe Jeans announced pop artist Dua Lipa as its new brand ambassador in early 2019, it made no secret that it was a strategic move. 

“The partnership marks a new milestone for the Pepe Jeans brand as we look to consolidate the brand presence in Europe and seek strategic growth in new markets,” said Mark Blenkinsop, former Pepe Jeans CMO. One year on, data analytics provider Launchmetrics evaluated the success of this long-term partnership between the British music star and the brand founded in 1973 in London. According to the company, the collaboration generated €6.8 million in media impact value across social and online channels.

According to Launchmetrics' proprietary algorithm, the brand’s own channels generated 26.5% of the total media impact value, falling behind 'media', which accounted for 27.4%. The brand could have seen higher gains in celebrity value, if Dua Lipa had not deleted all her Instagram photos at the end of the year, including all posts for Pepe Jeans. She later explained that this was a marketing move linked to the release of her new single, but it may have cost Pepe Jeans big in terms of media impact value, Launchmetrics said.

Online media, responsible for creating the greatest value for the brand, also had an impact, especially globally, thanks to Dua Lipa’s worldwide appeal. While the Daily Mail generated a media impact value of €110,441, Inquisitr resulted in €83,608, followed by Harper’s Bazaar Spain with €70,311. Among the online articles with the greatest impact were stories published by Vogue Brazil, which generated €36,557; the Daily Mail, with €33,964; and Cosmopolitan Italy, with €32,662. Print media was not included in the analysis.

Instagram was the highest performing social media platform, with celebrities and influencers generating 44.3% of the total impact. Despite deleting her Instagram account, Dua Lipa led the list of voices. A photo shared by the music star to celebrate her collaboration with Pepe Jeans generated €818,226 in media impact value. Spanish influencers María Iliaki and María Pombo were also influential, sharing photos that generated €157,817 and €153,067, respectively. While Pepe Jeans’ own account had the greatest impact, Dua Lipa had the highest engagement rate, demonstrating her ability to interact with her community.

In terms of countries, the UK accounted for 47.4% of the media impact value, generating €3.1 million, followed by Spain (€1.4 million), Italy (€310,602), Germany (€297,242) and Greece (€251,154).

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