Sunday, 23 February 2020

Nappa Dori collaborates with Levi’s for capsule collection

The new ‘Nappa Dori x Levi’s’ collection mixes Nappa Dori’s utilitarian, clean aesthetic with Levi’s casual-wear heritage. The line launched on Nappa Dori’s dedicated e-commerce store on Thursday and features backpacks, tote bags, luggage, laptop bags, and fanny packs in black, grey, and navy blue.

“The collaboration between Nappa Dori and Levi's has been a culmination of the minimalism that is at the core of our design aesthetic and the utilitarian aspect of denim produced at Levi Strauss & Co,” announced Nappa Dori on Facebook.

“At the heart of this collaboration is a mutual admiration of all things classic rather than allowing for trends to govern the final products. Our aim at Nappa Dori was to bring our artisanal values and blend them with the retro-modern vibe of Levi's.”

“Each piece designed for this collection is a celebration of form and function - focused on clean design, robust materials and embellished with leather accents all balanced to elevate the character of the product, not just its appearance,” wrote Nappa Dori.

“This double-tiered collection works with durable materials, it can be reversible and has multiple usages with the addition of functional pockets and details that usually feature in full leather products.”

Nappa Dori launched in 2010 and retails from its flagship stores in India and the UK and e-commerce site, which ships internationally. The business plans to open at a second UK location, open in other European markets, and enter the U.S. market in the near future.

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