Thursday, 6 February 2020

Online sales in France top €100 billion mark in 2019

In the 2019 financial year, online sales in France rose by 11.6% and were in total worth €103.4 billion. This despite an unusual slowdown in online sales growth in the last quarter, when e-commerce failed to take advantage of the slump in brick-and-mortar retail sales, which were hampered by social unrest in the country. Eventually, online sales accounted for 9.9% of total retail revenue in 2019, up from a 9.1% share a year earlier.

In 2019, no fewer than 1.7 billion online transactions were recorded, a 15% increase that masked the constant erosion of the average purchase basket, which fell by another 3.6%, down to €59. This decrease was, however, once again compensated by an increase in purchasing frequency, as French online customers placed on average 43 orders in the course of the year, about one per week per customer. The average annual expenditure per customer went up from €2,357 to €2,577.

“This increase shows the effect of flat-rate delivery fees, which mean customers are no longer pushed to reach a certain purchasing basket value before placing an order,” said François Momboisse, president of France's e-commerce federation (FEVAD).

“Added to this, there was a rise in the number of e-tail sites, with many among them lowering purchasing basket value by offering free delivery,” he added.

Once again, in fact, the number of online shopping sites in France rose, with an additional 25,000 sites active in the year, a 15% increase, which brought the current total to approximately 190,000 websites, half of which generated less than 100 sales transactions per month.

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