Monday, 10 February 2020

Première Vision Paris will be held in July this year, not September

The Parisian show Première Vision has adopted a new calendar with dates in February. More importantly, it will include a fall-winter event taking place in early July, rather than mid-September.

In 2021, Première Vision Paris will take place on February 2-4, followed by an event on July 6-8. Blossom Première Vision, dedicated to premium brands and luxury labels’ pre-collections, was originally held in early July. It will now be transformed into a “new event,” whose premise will be made public in the following months. The dates, however, have already been set for the second week of September. These don’t fall far from when Première Vision Paris would typically take place. Blossom and its December event have not been called into question for the moment.

This new calendar has placed Première Vision’s main event only a week after Pitti Immagine Filati 87, the yarn and knitwear show that takes place in early July in Florence. More importantly, Première Vision is basing its schedule on the dates of its Italian competitor, Milano Unica. This overlap was only temporary, however, since the Italian show announced that it would push back its event in 2022, to July 12-14. Première Vision assured FashionNetwork that it had kept both its Italian and German counterparts informed from the very start of the project.

At the moment, Munich Fabric Start is held at the beginning of September, before Première Vision. This will change with the new calendar. Première Vision will also be distancing itself from the Chinese textile and clothing fairs, notably Intertextile and Chic, which advanced their dates from mid-October to late September in 2018. Events in Paris and Shanghai are quite close in timing, usually making it difficult for buyers and exhibitors to handle both.

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