Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Dior reopens its Baby Dior ateliers to make surgical masks

Christian Dior has reopened its Baby Dior ateliers to produce surgical masks, the latest LVMH company to start creating vital products for frontline medical staff in the fight against Coronavirus.

“We are proud to reopen our Baby Dior ateliers in Redon, which since this morning have begun the continuous production of new masks on a voluntary basis,” said the Paris-based fashion house. The masks will be mainly used by first needs workers in the food and transport industries, Dior indicated.

Redon is a small town in Brittany, better known as a center of production of Bic lighters.

“Dior is actively committed to aiding and protecting all those who are on the front line every day. Thank you to our wonderful Petites mains (little hands) who, in an exceptional show of solidarity, are working tirelessly to protect them,” Dior added.

Dior is a key fashion house in the luxury empire of LVMH, which has already been active in the fight against COVID-19. 

Ten days ago, LVMH announced that it had ordered 40 million masks from China for distribution in France. While three of its perfume houses – including Parfums Christian Dior – converted their perfume and cosmetic sites into manufacturing sanitizing hand gel.

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