Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Donatella, Allegra Versace donate €200,000 to Milan’s San Raffaele hospital

Donatella and Allegra Versace have joined the fray in the battle against the Covid-19 pandemic. Donatella Versace, the eponymous Italian luxury label’s creative director, and her daughter Allegra are set to donate €200,000 to the intensive care unit of the San Raffaele hospital in Milan.

“At times like these, it’s crucial to stand united and help in any way possible those who are fighting on the front line to save hundreds of human lives every day,” said Donatella and Allegra.

“Our hearts go out to all the people who have been hit by the virus, and to all the doctors and medical staff who have been working heroically and unceasingly in the last few weeks in their efforts to treat our loved ones. This is what happens when we, as a society, need to stay together and care for one another,” they added.

Italy, and Lombardy in particular, are faced with one of their toughest-ever challenges, the health care services on the brink of collapse due to the high number of Covid-19 cases. According to the latest official bulletin, on March 17, there are over 23,000 coronavirus patients in Italy, the majority of them in Lombardy.

Like Versace, the Italian fashion world at large is offering support by making a series of donations to the country’s health care facilities, which are bearing the brunt of the fight against Covid-19.

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