Thursday, 26 March 2020

Groupe Marcelle winds down operations, layoffs staff

Canada’s largest manufacturing cosmetics company Groupe Marcelle said on Thursday it was winding down operations for an indefinite period and implementing temporary layoffs as of March 30, due to the unprecedented situation in connection with Covid-19.

"This very difficult decision will allow us to recover after this period of crisis and ensure the sustainability of Groupe Marcelle,” explained David Cape, Groupe Marcelle president, in a news statement. 

“We put the health of our employees and our partners, as well as our responsibility to society at large, at the forefront of all our decisions.”

The owner of skin care and cosmetic brands Marcelle, Lise Watier, Annabelle cosmetics, and CW Beggs and Sons, employees over 400 people in areas such as research, development, production and marketing. 

The Montreal-based company has more than 1,600 products, which are distributed in over 3,500 stores across Canada.

The company did not specify where the layoffs will take place, but said it was taking every possible measure to minimize the impact on its workforce, including job-sharing, as well as employees being offered jobs at companies that need manpower (e.g. food industry). 

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