Thursday, 19 March 2020

Pyer Moss creates $50k fund for small business, converts NYC office to donation center on coronavirus

kerby Jean-Raymond's Pyer Moss label is dedicating funds, as well as its New York City office, to helping fight the damage caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Via Instagram, the brand posted messages - presumably penned by Jean-Raymond, although the author is not directly identified - saying that the Pyer Moss office in New York City will be converted to a donation center for needed medical supplies, particularly masks and latex gloves. 

"In the last few days; I've been getting an influx of messages from medical professionals on the front lines, who have been treating this pandemic, about their shortage of basic supplies," the message said. "Many of them, including my sister, have not had enough n95 masks and some are without gloves." 

"Here's what we'll do until the shortage is over...We will convert the Pyer Moss office in NYC to a donation center for these items. We will use recommended hygiene and social distancing practices to receive and re-distribute these items directly to medical professionals on as needed [basis]." 

Outside of the health crisis currently caused by the coronavirus outbreak, small businesses have also suffered, as sales dry up and brick-and-mortar stores shut their doors to help stop the virus spread. To help ease this burden, Pyer Moss also announced that it will set aside $50,000 for minority and women-owned small creative businesses "who are currently in distress."

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