Wednesday, 15 April 2020

7 For All Mankind boosts Europe e-tail conversion rates using True Fit

Sizing specialist True Fit said this week that premium jeans specialist 7 For All Mankind has seen an uplift in consumer activity on its European sites since it added True Fit technology to the online stores.

True Fit users on average check out three times more often than those who don't use the tech.

The system offers personalized recommendations that “help communicate to the shopper how the garment fits and which size will match their unique preferences”. 

The increase in online conversion rates since implementing the data-driven personalization platform has been matched by the firm gaining a better understanding of customers through data collection and analysis, it added.

7 For All Mankind, EU operates in the UK, Germany, Italy, France and the Netherlands.

Using the technology meant it was able to access insights within its own shopper base, but also across a connected network of 250+ retailers and 17,000 brands. 

As well as higher checkout rates, the tech also helped it get “a more accurate picture of some specific traits of its shoppers across the regions, quickly and easily”.

Enrico Fantaguzzi, the jeans firm’s Senior Manager, E-Commerce, said the company is now “able to tailor the offer and optimize the sales, like offering specific combinations of fit and fabric for specific markets”.

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