Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Earth Day: Fashion and luxury launch initiatives on 50th anniversary

Fashion and luxury brands worldwide have launched a wide-ranging array of sustainable initiatives, timed to coincide with the 50th anniversary. The international day dedicated to environmental reform celebrated its half-century on Wednesday, April 22.

From carbon-neutral measures by Versace in Milan and an eco-warrior video poem commissioned by Vivienne Westwood in London; to the Banana Republic in the United States introducing new vintage recycling ideas and fresh approaches by Australian swimwear line Horizon Athletic taking place all the way Down Under, fashion houses near and wide are all affirming their support for the ecological movement, doubling their efforts as the current pandemic reinforces fears in the worldwide community of humankind’s mistreatment of our planet. 

In London, Stella McCartney – the designer forerunner in sustainability and environmentally sensible fashion – took over Piccadilly Circus with a giant billboard. “For us, Every Day is Earth Day,” read the signage, with a video featuring supermodel Amber Valletta, daubed in blue camouflage paint.

“Certainly, the situation is sad, but there is hope. The ideas of community and compassion struggle against the pandemic, but also work to save the Earth. Nature has given us a second chance, to correct our collective impact, to learn from it and to act. There are fewer cars on the road; fewer planes in the sky; industry is immobile. Carbon emissions levels around the world could see their sharpest decrease since the 1940s. We are already seeing a 58% reduction in daily carbon emissions in the European Union, as well as a 70% reduction in road traffic in the United Kingdom and a 40% reduction in nitrogen dioxide in London,” the designer said in a release.

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