Thursday, 16 April 2020

New York and Los Angeles extend stay at home orders

Retail capitals on both coasts of the United States have extended their coronavirus-related stay-at-home orders, with New York and Los Angeles County officials extending their respective mandates until May 15. 

Health and elected officials in L.A. announced the extension of its 'safer at home' order on April 10, while New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the extension of 'New York on Pause' on April 16. Both orders will continue the temporary closure of non-essential businesses. 

As part of the new L.A. health order, essential businesses will be required to enforce social distancing and require workers to wear cloth face coverings. L.A. County officials said that 29.8% of residents are predicted to be infected by August 1 under current social distancing efforts, while an increase in social distancing could reduce the numbers to 5.5% of county residents being infected by August 1. The county's stay-home order was first announced on March 19. 

In New York, where the statewide 'New York on Pause' order has been in place since March 22, non-essential businesses will remain closed and non-essential workers must continue to stay at home. Gov. Cuomo said that he plans to sign a mandate on Friday requiring members of the public to wear masks or cloth coverings over their faces when in public. 

The COVID-19 pandemic's massive impact on businesses across industries has caused 22 million Americans to file for unemployment benefits in the last month.

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