Monday, 20 April 2020

SupplyCompass launches free moodboard tool for fashion brands

Cloud-based fashion software SupplyCompass has launched an online moodboard tool that is free for fashion brands to use during the Covid-19 crisis.

The company said the tool creates a centralised space for design teams to build new collections, solving the issue of disjointed teams. 

Additionally, the moodboard feature is designed to inspire collaboration by allowing brands to share ideas with factory partners as well as their teams, bringing the supply chain into the ideation phase.

“In this unusual time where teams are having to work from home, we realised fashion brands were using all sorts of collaboration tools and video conferencing software for some parts of the business (like Slack and Google Drive) – but not tools specifically designed for the unique needs of fashion brands,” said SupplyCompass co-founder Flora Davidson. 

The tool, which will be free to use until mid-October, helps fashion brands “design together, without being together”, Davidson added. 

Teams can create moodboards, upload images, annotate and comment, before sharing tech packs with their suppliers to get instant costs and receive samples. 

“Most importantly, brands can now share ideas with their team and their factory partners. This is crucial in driving efficiency in the supply chain. Not only are changes never overlooked and factories can ensure they’re working on the correct version, but it actually brings the supply chain into the ideation phase. Allowing factories to feed into the design will speed up the whole process and save time and money for everyone involved,” she concluded.

SupplyCompass, which provides a product development and production management platform for fashion companies, has a network of over 200 supply chain partners in India, Portugal, Nepal, China and Spain. 

Post-October, the moodboard tool will be available as part of a a subscription to the SupplyCompass platform.

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