Wednesday, 15 April 2020

The Tempête By Delvaux

Created in 1967, the Tempête was inspired by a sailboat’s trapeze at a time when sailing was all the vogue off Belgium’s glamorous North Sea coast. Designed with graphic lines and distinctive jewel-like metal studs, the Tempête has become one of Delvaux’s most emblematic bags.

Innovative by nature, it continues to navigate changing times. Now available in 5 different shapes, there’s a Tempête for every occasion, night or day. From the stately Tempête GM and MM to the beautifully compact Tempête Mini, two new shapes have been added to the mix - Tempête PM and Pochette Tempête. Versatile and forever elegant, they make every adventure plain sailing.

The Tempête PM

Closely mirroring the original shape first created in 1967, the Tempête PM is the ideal size for daily use. Perfect for life’s everyday adventures, it can be worn with or without a strap, with open or closed clasps, for a multitude of looks.

The Pochette Tempête

For evening wear, the Pochette Tempête makes for the perfect clutch, available in a wide colour palette of both neutral and eye-catching tones. Youthful and perfectly proportioned, it’s an elegant accomplice to any night out. When paired with a metal chain, it transforms into a deliciously precious evening bag, giving extra style and plenty of glamour.

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