Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Sisley opens new store concept in Treviso

Benetton Group’s Sisley brand has this week unveiled its renovated store in Via XX Settembre, in the heart of Treviso, Italy. It was designed by architect Tobia Scarpa.

Following the coronavirus emergency, it said: “the brand is delivering a tangible message of hope and freedom to all its customers by offering a new way to enjoy shopping responsibly and safely”.

The new store is “an experimental project that combines light, creativity, and flexibility to offer customers an increasingly distinctive shopping experience, in line with the contemporary market scene”.

The location reflects the brand's repositioning strategy that has been underway for several seasons and sees the label being repositioned towards the ‘bridge’ segment.

So what does this all mean in practice? The new store makes good use of the brand’s signature colors – white, black, and dark red – and a graphic interpretation of the Sisley logo in the stairwell is a focal point. Mannequins have been replaced by “two-dimensional silhouettes, with men’s and women’s faces hand-drawn by Scarpa”.

The store is also a testbed for new display and customer service ideas that it expects to roll out to further shops in the future (the company has 700 Sisley stores in total).

The group said the label is “pursuing a commercial strategy that focuses its presence in the main Italian and European cities, with stores bearing a strong identity and in prestigious locations, such as those in Venice, Turin, Milan, Rome, Florence, Naples, Berlin, Paris, and Seoul”.

The new store also has features that ensure it stays in line with government safety guidelines. That means controlling the number of people allowed inside, plus boosting ventilation and cleaning, social distancing, and hand sanitizing.

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