Friday, 5 June 2020

Brazilian flip-flops maker Havaianas turns Japanese for the season

Havaianas is paying homage to its DNA and also to the Land of the Rising Sun, with the launch of Tradi Zori streetwear-inspired flip-flops, which celebrate Japanese design.

The move is a new departure for the Brazilian company, which has joined forces with Mastermind Japan for the occasion. The style of the brand and its iconic motif are the main features of the two models in the collection.

With the arrival of fine weather, many fashion addicts will be eager to stroll out in Havaianas flip-flops, which, having conquered the world's beaches, are also growing in popularity in streetwear looks. However, not many people know that the flip-flop invented in 1962 was directly inspired by the Japanese zori sandal. Havaianas simply took the traditional Japanese footwear and replaced its rice-straw sole with a rubber one, which was better adapted to the Brazilian climate.

Nearly six decades later, the Brazilian brand is paying homage to this heritage with its new "Tradi Zori" line, which comprises two urban models that are clearly different from standard Havaianas. A perfect mix between the traditional and the zori sandal, the new models feature a square heel, textured insoles, and canvas thongs.

For the launch, Havaianas has branched out to collaborate with the Mastermind Japan brand, which is renowned for its streetwear spirit and signature skull and cross-bones motif. The two models of the new line are the Top with a traditional sole and the Tradi Zori with its all-new ground-breaking design.

The sandals are already available in Japan, and rolling out elsewhere later this month.

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