Thursday, 1 October 2020

Acne Studios explores transformation in Paris installation

As Covid-19 continues to cast its shadow over the fashion industry, brands are looking to adapt and find new ways to launch their collections. Acne Studios took advantage of the necessary smaller audience size and presented an experimental and fresh collection through an art installation in the French capital.

Acne’s presentation took place at Paris’ Grand Palais in the smaller Galerie Courbe rather than the main hall. A ceremonial-style tour led a small number of guests around in small groups, shepherding editors through the small, white rooms one by one. Each space had been designed uniquely for a gradual reveal of the full collection.

“I am excited by transitional moments, in-between times that are alive with possibility. This collection is about the elevation of elemental life, about positivity, optimism, and light,” said Acne Studios’ creative director, Jonny Johansson. In this way, the four presentation spaces used lighting in different ways to represent the changing times of the day.

In the first room, there hung a large, spherical lamp reminiscent of the morning sun. Models appeared dressed in neutral hues of off white, beige, lemon yellow, and grey. Notable designs included an oversized, relaxed-fit blazer and large, slouchy bag. The contrast between natural materials such as linen, cotton, and fishnet-style crochet knit and highly modern materials such as iridescent, transparent film was particularly effective.

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