Sunday, 18 October 2020

Amiri does Lautner 'n' Roll in Beverly Hills

One brand keeping very busy despite the pandemic is Amiri, which opened its debut boutique last week on Rodeo Drive, and followed that up with a Friday morning show in Los Angeles. In the past few seasons, Mike Amiri has shown in Paris, but this season saw him in the Sheats-Goldstein Residence in the hills of Beverly Hills. 
Opening the 9.49-minute show video with overalls, tank and reading glasses, the model posed at the pool of the famed location, before slinging on a Saigon soldier bomber jacket.

Dudes strolling purposely across a basketball court; in preppy shorts and knit aertexes with cloche hats and loads of bags. Cutest of all, a new mini guitar man-bag with a Fender shape; and a mini basketball man-purse.

A live DJ - legendary LA producer, The Alchemist - mixing some chill tracks as the hirsute boys march in leather shorts and overalls – all worn under polite rocker redingotes. 

Los Angeles glinting in the background, as the cast gradually strides up onto the villa by master architect John Lautner, a glass vessel of a dwelling that huddles in dense vegetation. A classic example of American organic architecture for a show that climaxed with some great floral prints. A James Bond set that’s been used in movies like Charlie’s Angels and The Big Lebowski that looked just right with Amiri.

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